Before and After Home Update with GE Lighting

Since moving into our studio apartment in Seattle, we have been very aware that this a temporary space. Unlike our apartment in Chicago where we quickly mass purchased furniture that fit specifically for the designated space and spent time hanging pictures and fixtures, we have been extremely conservative with the impact we make on this new apartment and subsequently our wallets by opting to lean instead of hang pictures and to make conscious not impulsive purchases (invest when necessary, frugal when temporary). This week we finally spruced up the desk/nightstand/dressing area with a few storage, lighting, and decor updates. Here is the highly embarrassing before picture:

APTUpdate-3We knew immediately that we would inevitably need to purchase a desk or table to hold the desktop computer and for a place to blog/photoshop/etc but weren’t ready to commit to something that might not fit or be necessary in our next place so of course we headed to IKEA for a solution. Although this is technically a sofa table (painted turquoise) we liked the narrowness and length and that it could easily double as a nightstand and in the future possibly as an entry or sofa table. However, the clutter of miscellaneous necessities covering it was too much to handle anymore (as you can see), the bar stool was uncomfortably tall to sit at for long hours, and the dog kennel and steamer were unnecessarily out for who knows why.

APTUpdate-5Simply storing the steamer and dog kennel, unpacking bags, and finally making those pesky returns as well as adding a basket for storage of extra blankets and computer accessories minimized the clutter immediately to the point of having room to store my new Frye boots safely and upright (we have limited closet space). New GE reveal halogen lighting and a larger mirror make the space seem brighter and bigger (not to mention it saves me from standing on the bathroom counter to see what my outfit truly looks like) and our new padded footstool/ottoman makes hours at the computer bearable. We still have a few updates to add (a picture frame for that picture, this art leaning behind those books, a vase for my new plant, jewelry dish, and this pretty book) but wanted to share our gradual apartment progress. What do we think? Any decorating ideas or tips?

APTUpdate-4APTUpdate-8must have chewy candy nearby at all times | favorite reminder | new madewell rings | lamp

APTUpdate-6storage | photography and food inspiration | boots

APTUpdate-7coasters on hand | the perfect long necklace

APTUpdate-9BeforeAfter3Before and After Lighting Makeover with GE Reveal 75W Halogen Bulbs.
I was amazed at how a simple change in a light bulb made the space brighter and more inviting, not to mention this new bulb keeps the room from appearing yellow allowing the true colors of the furniture and decor stand out. Get yours at your local Target and make a simple update to your space this weekend with just the turn of a bulb.

GEBulb**Although I received the bulbs free of charge from GE Lighting, the opinions stated above are completely my own**


3 thoughts on “Before and After Home Update with GE Lighting

  1. Nice 🙂 Kim and are in the same boat. We need to organize our small space but we don’t want to spend lots and have a ton furniture that doesn’t suit a larger place. Did you paint the table yourself?


    • Cool 🙂

      I can’t say I’ve learned any tricks. It’s just a matter of being creative, measuring twice and keeping an open mind as to what exactly a piece of furniture can function as.

      Also it’s just plain hard work. I keep measurements of certain spaces on my phone just in case I stumble upon something that may work for that spot. Oh, and shelves can make for great storage for lots of stuff. I put up four huge shelves and one small shelf that in total cost little, look nice and hold lots of stuff in cool looking boxes. We also have multiple tiny shelves for a bedside table. 🙂


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