February Highlights + March Goals

With the Olympics this past month, I felt glued to the television every night just for the pure sake of watching, completely uninterested in the majority of the events shown on one of our three channels. And every single night and the following morning I would wake up frustrated that I had wasted hours doing nothing when in fact I had a list a mile long of things I wanted to learn and accomplish, but didn’t. The main thing I am learning from the creation and reflection of these monthly goals is that time honestly just gets away from you. Each day seems exhaustively long while the months ironically fly by unexpectedly so this month I am vowing to stop giving into my “exhaustion” and the gravitational pull of our television and instead make the extra effort to read, learn, laugh, exercise, play, and record and make memories. Who’s with me?!

TimeFliesMarch Goals:
1. Get fingerprinted by the Seattle Police Department
2. Complete and send in my teaching application for the State of Washington (waiting on CPS)
3. Attend hot yoga at least three times (redo from February) (0/3)
4. Finish Australia, New Zealand, and recent 2014 scrapbook pages
5. Send one just because care package
6. Finalize plans for our San Francisco trip (suggestions please!!)
7. Research a new dog sitter for the girls
8. Sign up for a continuing education class
9. Blog post at least twelve times this month (5/12)
10. Record all birthdays and anniversaries for the month of March


February Highlights:
1. As soon as DietBet was won, this happened: TopPot donuts in bed. Totally earned.
2. If you haven’t heard, our new hometown team won the Superbowl!
3. Fun at the new neighborhood coffee shop
4. My new plant courtesy of J I hope to not kill this month
5. Our first and last snowshoe adventure with the girls
6. Relived to not need these for at least another two years
7. Impromptu date night of beers, barbecue, and shuffleboard (p.s. I won)
8. Reliving our college dinner days of Cheesy Chicken Broccoli Rice
9. James Town Revival concert at The Crocodile – and yes, I touched the keyboarder’s rat-tail


4 thoughts on “February Highlights + March Goals

  1. Monthly goals is a great idea. I will now add that to my list of things to accomplish this weekend. I’ve also been in a slump so maybe this will help?! Hot yoga is also on my list of things to try this year. Thanks for the inspiration 🙂


    • They felt like a great idea, however, they make me realize how quickly a month passes. As of now, I am rushing to get the majority of March goals done as I’ve barely started at all. That hot yoga keeps getting pushed to the back burner! Hopefully this week…Hope you get out of your slump soon, you have so many exciting things coming up this year!


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