Feelin’ the Blues

roadSometimes you’ve traveled so far in the wrong direction you can’t find your way.
Sometimes the confusion clouds any ability to think straight nonetheless creatively.
Sometimes the darkness just consumes your life.

The lack of recent blog posts is the result of my mind being constantly consumed by uncertainty – of the future, of the reason, of the end goal. To say I am finding myself and my desired purpose in life is an understatement. Traveling for eight months where I enjoyed every. single. moment. with my best friend laughing, learning, and exploring knocked my sense of reality on its ass. Is life really about working year round for those five precious days of vacation? Is life about working for ‘the man’ to make money for the pure purpose of buying things that I realistically don’t need and will never give me the fulfillment that a chance encounter with a stranger does? Is life about buying that house with the picket fence and having kids to fulfill the coveted American dream or is it about creating my own definition of a dream? What am I meant to do and be? The unanswered questions of our future haunt me daily. But at the end of the day these puzzling thoughts are the most difficult thing I struggle with and I am beyond grateful, appreciative, and joyous of the amazing life I live. We must focus on the positives and just live each day the fullest. Here’s to hoping a change of scenery and seasons will help me see, think, and feel more clearly. Thank you for your continued support and for reading my blog – it means the absolute world to me.



7 thoughts on “Feelin’ the Blues

    • We just watched About Time last night and it had such a great message – enjoy every single day to the upmost, even if they are the most tedious of days find the joy by making a CHOICE to enjoy it. Working on it every.single.day. 🙂


  1. I have been asking myself the same question lately. I want out of corporate American to do what makes me happy. Now i just have to execute a plan for making that happen. Unfortunately, leaving the corporate scene for uncertainty is much harder to do than it sounds. Good luck on your journey!


    • It definitely is much harder than it seems. It was the best decision we made in 2012 when we left jobs to travel but coming back to corporate America has never felt harder. Good luck finding what makes you happy and offers you security!


  2. I’m sorry that things have felt uncertain and challenging. Know that your blog helps me – I get inspired by your posts – and while I have been lax (part overwhelmed by the thought of posting – yet wanting to so badly) I see how you stick with it with interesting pieces that enjoy. I hope you find your bliss – no matter where it lies – and no matter if others think you shouldn’t follow it. Follow your advice above and do what makes you enjoy life.


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