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SwinkSwag-4SwinkSwag-5 SwinkSwag-7 SwinkSwag-6 SwinkSwag-8 SwinkSwag-3GAP Dress (similar) | DKNY Tights | Zara Coat (similar here/here) | XXI Necklace (similar here) | Zara Shopper

A couple of weeks back I had the exciting opportunity to experience my first ever blow out at Swink Blow Dry and Style Bar and let’s just say I may be addicted. The same day I also happened to have an interview at work and the blow out from Lindsey at Swink eliminated the hassle of finding time to get ready while simultaneously attempting to prep for my interview. I simply sat back, reviewed my notes, and got pampered. Talk about stress free and convenient with a side of a confidence boost (a professional blowout gives you some serious swag).

If you are ever in the Seattle area, I highly recommend checking out Swink, Seattle’s first style bar that has been named a “Top 100 Salon in the US” by Elle Magazine and was featured in InStyle’s 2011 Beauty Book. Offering quick, affordable services from blowouts to makeup application to lash extensions to waxing Swink is your one stop beauty salon in Seattle.

A special thank you to Swink owners, Natalie and Jacquie, for inviting me to their salon and to Lindsey at the University Village location for an amazing blow out experience. Although the blow out was courtesy of Swink, all opinions expressed are my own.


Favorite Beauty Buys

Now that my thirties are quickly approaching I am attempting to find and invest in an anti-aging regimen that will fight fine lines and wrinkles, reduce my breakouts, even out skin tone, and hydrate. It is a lot to ask but with the few products I’ve featured below, I feel like I am well on my way to not looking 60 when I’m 35. I still have not found a day and night moisturizer or an eye cream that I love so if anyone has suggestions please throw them out!

beautybuysONE // I can’t be the ONLY one who didn’t know about makeup remover for your face, right? Eye makeup remover? Absolutely! But until about a month ago, I had just been removing my face makeup when I washed my face, but now that I’ve started taking off my makeup prior to washing my face with this product my breakouts have diminished, skin feels cleaner, and products absorb better.
TWO // After three years of constant use, my original Clarisonic finally kicked the bucket and had to be replaced by this pretty mint green one that I use nightly with the cleanser below.
THREE // Originally I won this cleanser through a blogger giveaway and only resorted to using it when I couldn’t squeeze any more from my dermatologist recommended cleanser, which I haven’t gone back to since. For the first time in the last 12 years, I am not using oral or topical dermatologist facial prescriptions and this cleanser is actually doing a better job at fighting breakouts than my previous concoction of pricy doctor medicine.
FOUR //  Using this exfoliating scrub three times a week in my morning shower wakes up my skin, making it feel refreshed and renewed.
FIVE // All natural ingredients that combine to lift and firm the skin? Yes please! This mask twice a week will hopefully eliminate any need for Botox in the future 🙂
SIX // This nightly serum fights my visible signs of aging while I get my beauty rest.
SEVEN // On those mornings when I jump in the shower a little too late, I immediately reach for this quick blow dry spray to cut my drying time in half and simultaneously add argon oil to strengthen, soften, and protect my hair.
EIGHT // Keep gorgeous eye color smudge, crease, and cake proof with this lightweight eye primer.
NINE // I’ve become obsessed with stick eye shadow since it eliminates a brush and maximizes the ease of application. Plus this one has 24 hour staying power and the color is gorgeous.
TEN // Wine has been my favorite color this winter and this vintage wine lip color (seen here and here) is an absolute must as it has long-lasting staying power and softens lips.

Out with a BANG!?

BOOM! POW! SPARKLE! CRACKLE! POP! BANG! Fourth of July without fireworks would be like Christmas without Santa Clause or even worse, chocolate without peanut butter. The bright, loud display at the end of the day brings out the little kid in all of us, cheering for just one more encore, oohing and awing over our favorite ones (mine: weeping willows). But since we all love our patriotic fireworks without any necessary argument, I’m here to raise a different (but equally important) BANG discussion: the ones gracing my forehead for the past year and a half (see the big decision here). The decision to keep or get rid of my bangs is a constant back and forth between Justin and I, usually brought up when my windblown bangs ruin our pictures and I plead to try just one more or when they get so long my vision is hindered and Justin claims he misses seeing my whole face. We will be much obliged if you could please vote for your preference below and help us solve this marital feud once and for all! 🙂 Happy Friday everyone, hope you are all enjoying a long, work-less, patriotic weekend!

BangsorNoSo you tell me: keep the bangs OR get rid of them??

My Travel Workout

TravelWorkout-1-2Traveling over the last eight months, especially after leaving Australia, left very little room for working out since days basically consisted of planning, site-seeing, and eating out while staying in small one-bedroom apartments or hotel rooms. Believe me that is not a complaint. I will happily not work out in lieu of traveling any day. However, those delicious local beers and homemade delicacies were starting to find a permanent home on my hips and butt so Justin and I crafted this do-absolutely-anywhere workout that is perfect for traveling or whenever you need a quick heart pumping 20-30 minute workout.

Bonus: I’m showing you how absolutely cool I look while doing some of these moves (yes, I apparently make that face while doing jumping jacks) and linking to a few of my favorite workout products. What is your favorite in-a-pinch-quick workout? I would love to hear as I’m always looking for a new way to spice up my routine! Also, I’m looking for a new workout watch since I lost mine while traveling. I’m loving this Timex or this Lacoste one on Chrono24 (homepage here), but wanted to see if you had any favorites to suggest! Let me know if you try my travel workout below and what you thought! 🙂 Happy Thursday everyone!


TravelWorkout-1Target Burnout Tee (last seen here) | Old Navy Sports Bra | Under Armour Compression Capris (just bought these) | Nike Pullover (stole this from my mom a month ago, it’s sooo soft) | Brooks Shoes

TravelWorkout-2-2HERE WE GO!!!! WHO’S EXCITED?!

MyTravelWorkout2**Disclaimer:  I am not a health professional by any means. I’m just forwarding along my personal travel workout. Check with a physician before starting any new workout regimen.**

Beauty Tutorial: No-Chip Manicure AT HOME

I am super excited to have Chelsea from {little lessons in a BIG city} guest posting today on how to get a perfect no-chip manicure from the comfort of your couch.  Besides being my book club blogging buddy, Chelsea is also a fellow Iowan where she just moved back to, is the proud owner of her super cute Etsy shop, TwoCoins, and seems to always have life together all while having the perfect manicure.  I can’t wait to get home to try out SensatioNail’s no-chip at home gel manicure (buy here).  Thanks for guest posting Chelsea!

finished producthello {The Thread Affect} friends. I’m chelsea. & I blog over at {little lessons in a BIG city}. I am so excited to be here today. and to show you my newest beauty tool: {SensatioNail’s at home, gel manicure kit}. along with the simple, “anyone can do it” steps!

SONY DSCSONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSCSONY DSCit’s truly amazing. nothing beats going to the nail salon with friends & getting pampered. but this is without a doubt the next best option. [& more cost-effective than going to the salon every two weeks]. it definitely takes a tad longer, but the second you’re done ..you can stuff your fingers in your purse. or do your hair. or whatever your heart desires. because you’re done. you don’t have to wait for them to dry! the no-chip manicures last longer, and if you just so happen to have an accident .. you have the tools at home to fix it! there are many, many DIY no-chip manicure kits available. I picked the SensatioNail kit, because of it’s price & the tools it came with. [I got mine at walgreens]. you won’t regret it.

thank you for letting me take over The Thread Affect today!

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[happy travels megan!!]