Friday Five: Christmas Day

Can you believe that Christmas is on Tuesday?  Tuesday people!  That is a mere four days from now.  Do you have all your presents bought, wrapped, and under the tree?  Yep, me neither.  Oh wait, that’s because I feel like we are seriously skipping Christmas this year (Christmas with the Kranks anyone?).  We have zero Christmas decorations, no tree, didn’t partake in any of our holiday traditions, haven’t watched the mandatory Christmas movies, bought zilch for anyone, are sweating in the 94 degree heat, and are in Australia.  I know, I know.  Everyone would love some heat about now while vacationing in Australia and I am seriously not complaining about spending Christmas in Australia because I know how seriously fortunate we are to do so, but I just didn’t realize how strange and a little bit sad it would feel to be so far out of the holiday experience and away from family (no baking with my dad, crazy card games with the cousins or stuffing my face full of delicious family favorites).  Whoops, went off on a rant there.  Any who, with Christmas coming so quickly here are some last-minute ideas for what to wear, share, and play on that special day.


GalMeetsGlamGet this classic (and my favorite) Christmas Day Look from Gal Meets Glam

PopOfStyleXmasOutfitsPop of Style shows us outfits for Christmas Day featuring affordable pieces from Old Navy

TheVaultFilesVault Files takes us from Christmas Eve to Christmas Morning (adorable!)


HolidayTreatsCookies for Santa | Peppermint Bark | Melting Snowmen


Listen to this holiday playlist and these Christmas albums, watch the ten best holiday movies, challenge your family to a Christmas Wrap, and enjoy every second with one another.

PlayonChristmasHave a WONDERFUL, CHEERFUL weekend!


Friday Five: Holiday Gift Guides

Over the past few weeks, I’ve made multiple lists, pinned relevant items, and scoured the internet in hopes of creating perfect gift guides to make your holiday shopping for any and every person in your life that much easier, however, my life got in the way.  There is no excuse, oh wait, yes there is…I only have two weeks left in Australia and I’m trying to soak in and appreciate EVERY. SINGLE. SECOND.  Lucky for all of us (me included) there are so many creative, talented women in the blogging world who have their lives together and have shared their beautiful gift giving guides.

To & From, Holiday 2012
Click here to see this 142 (yes, that’s right) page online magazine co-founded by two amazingly talented ladies, Meg Biram (blog) and Katie Anderson (blog), and featuring an impressive roundup of bloggers.  Consider this the ULTIMATE gift giving guide for 2012, broken down by person, color, personality, budget, home, and holiday spirit.  Seriously could they have made it any easier for us!?

50 Holiday Gifts Under $50 by The Budget Babe
The Budget Babe utilizes her Pinterest board to showcase her favorite holiday gifts


The Darling Gift Guide by Thoughts by Natalie
gifts for every type of lady in our lives

DarlingGiftGuideHoliday Gift Guide for the Gentlemen
The Effortless Chic makes it easy to shop for that special guy this holiday season

Gift-Guide-The-GentlemanDIY Christmas Gifts by A Creative Day
Five make-at-home personalized gifts including coffee mugs, painted napkins, hot chocolate, snow globes, and fabric platter & ornament

DIY_Christmas_A_Creative_DayHave a gift guide you would like to share?  Upload a picture or post the link on my Facebook page!  There are never too many gift ideas!

Movember for the Mo Sistas

November has become known as the month that men toss out their Gillette razors and begin a daily challenge to grow the best manly beard/mustache possible, which just generally ends in embarrassing scratchy patches of facial hair or full on grizzly bear mode.  But as ladies how do we get involved?  Assuming you aren’t up for growing your own mustache to compete with the boys (not highly recommended), the next best bet is to incorporate mustaches into your wardrobe (shirts, shoes, jewelry, accessories) or home decor (pillows, money jar, printables), try out these nail tutorials (here, here), wear your own furry vests, sweaters, or boots, or take tips from the pretty blog and throw a Movember party with cute invitations, photo booth props, and mustache adorned food, straws, and drinks.  If nothing else, make a donation no matter how big or small to support men’s health (here).  How are you celebrating Movember?  Do you love or hate the men around you participating in No Shave November?

Movember, NovemberClick here for all the buying information!

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Fabulous Finds: Father’s Day Gift Guide

Here are some fun gifts for dads of any hobby and perfect for Father’s Day next weekend!  What do you get your dad?  Do you switch it up or have a traditional gift you give each year?

1. Leather Flask, $43 2. Huntsman Swiss Army Knife, $48  3. The Art of Shaving, $25 4. Personalized Golf Club Cover, $32 5. Jack Spade Wood iPhone Case, $40 and Leather iPhone Case, $38 6. Wooden Bottle Opener, $20 7. Rounded Sterling Silver Tie Clip, $78 8. Ben Sherman Tie, $35 9. Croquet Set, $125 10. Timex Vintage Field Army Watch, $150 11. Original Wallet Pen, $49 and Chrome Ballpoint Pen, $66 12.  Men’s Carryall, $66

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Fabulous Finds: Wedding Gifts

The wedding season full of deliciously flavored cake, party rocking dance floors, and friends and family gathered celebrating the love of a couple is officially upon us.  In hopes they receive items they deemed necessary for their future home together and ones I hope will remind them of us when used, I generally try to choose a present straight off the couple’s registry that reflects the relationship we have with one another (i.e. a tent for the couple we love to camp with, a box of board games for our competitive friends to host the next game night, a baking themed gift for the friend who I share recipes back and forth with, etc).  However, lately the registries have become slim pickings as couples register for fewer items or guests, more organized than me, purchase items further in advance.  For these reasons, I have put together a list of additional present ideas that can be personalized to each couples’ personality, hobbies, and relationships.

1. Love Birds Artwork to subtly display their wedding day 2. His and Hers Tumblers for drinks  3. Chunky Basketweave Blanket to cuddle and watch movies 4. Monogrammed Forged Steak Brander for the detailed barbecuer 5. Customized Rubber Stamp Address Return for all those thank-you notes and future letters 6. Personalized Cheese and Bread Board for entertaining 7. Wedding Anniversary Wine Box to help them celebrate their first, fifth, and tenth anniversaries 8. Wedgwood Vera Wang Vase for all the beautiful flowers she will receive from him in the future 9.  Love Burlap Pillow for decoration and comfort