What I Want // Summer Sneakers

The search for shoes perfectly fit for dog walking, market strolling, and errand running has been a long one. I know the main criteria: comfortable and versatile. BUT do I want to go sporty, basic, or bright and colorful? Help lead me in the right direction! Or maybe I just get one of each? Justin would just love that solution.

sneakers2sporty: red/black | basic: burlap/coral | graphic: dots/hexagons/palms
floral: flowers/lemons | spotted: left/right | striped: blue/red


Outfit // Blushed

Loft-4 Loft-1 Loft-6 Loft-2 Loft-3 Loft-5Loft Top (not online but in stores) | Gap Black Denim | BaubleBar (similar) | Zara Shopper and Coat

A great purchase is one where you (a) want to wear it immediately (b) can think of at least three ways to wear it (c) fall instantly in love. After trying on this blouse on my lunch break, I knew I had to add this feminine and unique top to my wardrobe. I mean it would just be wrong to pass up flirty peplum pleats, subtle button details, and a blush toned trifecta. Right?

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! J and I stuck to our guns and were super productive all weekend with days filled with potting plants, finishing scrapbooks, work, and running errands and nights spent leisurely dining with new friends and watching a couple of classic movies. Life is all about balance. What was your favorite part of your weekend? Have a happy Monday!