My Travel Workout

TravelWorkout-1-2Traveling over the last eight months, especially after leaving Australia, left very little room for working out since days basically consisted of planning, site-seeing, and eating out while staying in small one-bedroom apartments or hotel rooms. Believe me that is not a complaint. I will happily not work out in lieu of traveling any day. However, those delicious local beers and homemade delicacies were starting to find a permanent home on my hips and butt so Justin and I crafted this do-absolutely-anywhere workout that is perfect for traveling or whenever you need a quick heart pumping 20-30 minute workout.

Bonus: I’m showing you how absolutely cool I look while doing some of these moves (yes, I apparently make that face while doing jumping jacks) and linking to a few of my favorite workout products. What is your favorite in-a-pinch-quick workout? I would love to hear as I’m always looking for a new way to spice up my routine! Also, I’m looking for a new workout watch since I lost mine while traveling. I’m loving this Timex or this Lacoste one on Chrono24 (homepage here), but wanted to see if you had any favorites to suggest! Let me know if you try my travel workout below and what you thought! ūüôā Happy Thursday everyone!


TravelWorkout-1Target Burnout Tee (last seen here) | Old Navy Sports Bra | Under Armour Compression Capris (just bought these) | Nike Pullover (stole this from my mom a month ago, it’s sooo soft) | Brooks Shoes

TravelWorkout-2-2HERE WE GO!!!! WHO’S EXCITED?!

MyTravelWorkout2**Disclaimer:¬† I am not a health professional by any means. I’m just forwarding along my personal travel workout. Check with a physician before starting any new workout regimen.**


What I Wore: Sydney Opera House

SydneyOutfit-1I know it’s no secret these are not recent pictures considering we were in Sydney for New Year’s a whole two months ago.¬† Wow, time flies.¬† But I thought I would share them for a few reasons:¬† (1)¬† To showcase this silver headband I bought at Express almost two years ago and only ever wear as a necklace due to having a huge head that does not look good adorned with large pieces of hardware.¬† The purpose is to show that just because a store sells it one way (in this case a headband) doesn’t mean you can’t re-purpose it to better suit your needs (a necklace).¬† Think multifunctional.¬† (2)¬† This is what my typical site-seeing outfit consists of:¬† skinnies, flats, and a comfy shirt topped with a jacket or cardigan.¬† (3) I miss normal clothes.¬† I’ve been grudging around in hiking clothes for far toooo long.¬† I miss colors and shoes without laces and nail polish and sparkly jewelry.¬† Oooo jewelry.¬† (4)¬† To show how easy a fishtail braid works with everything.¬† I did this one on the bus in ten minutes without a mirror so I didn’t have to worry about the wind and hair situation the rest of the day.¬† (5)¬† I love the Sydney Opera House, Sydney, and Australia in general.¬† Just a little bit of reminiscing over here.

SydneyOutfit-3XXI Mint Jeans (similar, last seen here) | XXI Grey Tank | Silence & Noise Navy Blazer (here, similar here, last seen here) | Steve Madden Red Patent Flats (similar) | Express Necklace (similar, similar) | Michael Kors Watch


Travel: Sydney, Australia

Sydney-1After four full days of fun and a four hour delay on our flight from Brisbane to Sydney, we arrived in Sydney exhausted and unable to drag ourselves out of our suburb of Parramatta for the train ride downtown. Instead we walked the streets near our hotel, grabbed dinner, groceries, and booze, and re-energized in the hotel in preparation for the next few days. On day 2, we toured Sydney Opera House, shopped Rocks Market, and took an extremely dull bus tour to Manly Beach. Day 3 was spent basking in the HOT summer sun for twelve hours at the Sydney Botanical Gardens with 6,000 other people waiting for the world famous New Year’s Eve fireworks (see video here) over the Sydney Bridge and Opera House and it was definitely worth it to ring in the new year in style. Our last day consisted of exploring Darling Harbour, the aquarium, and the sky tower before packing everything up for a sad goodbye at the airport. I can’t believe way parents have already come and gone and we are on our way to Bangkok for the second leg of our trip!

Sydney-2Sydney-3Sydney-4Our 13-hour waiting spot for the NYE fireworks (see video here)

Sydney-5Yes, I wore all black to sit in the sun all day.  Not my finest moment.

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Friday Five: Australia Moments

Here are five of my favorite moments from our time spent in Australia!  Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend! Any exciting plans?

Car Camping ‚Äď Although at the time sleeping on a concrete floor didn‚Äôt seem that appealing, I will forever cherish our many nights spent in our tent in the wilderness listening to music, playing cards, drinking wine, and chatting about anything and everything just the two of us.

Car_Camping_AustraliaPomona РThis little town we stumbled upon in the Sunshine Coast’s Hinterland charmed my socks off.  From the quirky signs at grandma’s breakfast restaurant to the fully stocked antiques store to the straight-up rock climb to the top of Mt. Cooroora I was 100% smitten with this place.


Sydney Fireworks ‚Äď Even with the 13-hour wait in the blazing Australian heat, Sydney‚Äôs New Year‚Äôs Eve fireworks were beyond my wildest expectations.¬† What a way to end 2012 and ring in 2013!

Lawn Bowling ‚Äď Our last week in Mooloolaba we rallied a group together to participate in the sport of lawn bowling, which is mainly played by retirees wearing knee-high socks and toting rolling suitcases of their own personal sports equipment.¬† The game ended up being ridiculously fun and competitive, the cheap drinks and hot chips (interpreted for Americans: French fries) kept us satisfied, and the people we played with will forever hold a place in our hearts.¬† Sounds corny? ¬†Yes, but these two couples took time to invite us into their little circle for the two months we were there and made our time in Mooloolaba (and at work) so much better.

Lawn_Bowling_AustraliaAnimal Encounters ‚Äď Yes, I know I‚Äôm a cheat.¬† I couldn‚Äôt bear to pick between my favorite animal experiences so I thought I‚Äôd clump them all together into one category!¬†¬† Could you seriously choose between koalas, kangaroos, whales, and turtles?¬† I didn‚Äôt think so!


Travel: Lady Elliot Island and Turtle Nesting

Waking up at 4 AM does NOT tickle my fancy UNLESS it is to snorkel at The Great Barrier Reef, then I’m all for it. To save $300 a person, we drove the three hours from Mooloolaba to Hervey Bay to catch our seaplane over to Lady Elliot Island. After a short introduction while sipping a pretty tropical drink, we were fitted for our scuba gear, practicing in the pool, and hopping on the glass-bottom boat where we were lucky enough to see a huge manta ray and dolphins. Our snorkel in the ocean was filled with turtle (even “petted” a few), sea cucumber, shark, schools of fish, and jellyfish encounters. Definitely a day to remember for a lifetime.

Landing back in Hervey Bay after an incredible day spent at Lady Elliot Island and the Great Barrier Reef, we wanted more amazing animal interactions so we drove to Mon Repos to witness the beautiful miracle of a loggerhead turtle giving birth. Luckily we were rewarded for our month early booking and placed in viewing group #2. After waiting a reasonable hour and half in the rain, our turtle had officially crawled onto shore and was beginning to nest. If 40+ people watching her give birth to 125 eggs wasn’t enough to make the experience awful, boy did she make it difficult for herself: climbing over rocks, head right into the sand bank, and tangled in roots and grass. Poor, tired girl. After she retreated to the ocean, our group was able to help move her nest of eggs off the dangerously low sandbank onto a safer, higher one. Yes, we personally helped save a portion of the turtle population that night. ūüôā Two hours later at 10:30 pm we were headed back to the car (groups 4 and 5 were still waiting for a turtle), driving back to Mooloolaba, staying awake with endless supplies of sugar, chips, pop, and Red Bull. Parents second day in Australia considered a success.

ParentsTrip-100ParentsTrip-102ParentsTrip-107ParentsTrip-105ParentsTrip-110ParentsTrip-109Hope you’re having a great weekend!!¬† Happy Saturday!