Out with a BANG!?

BOOM! POW! SPARKLE! CRACKLE! POP! BANG! Fourth of July without fireworks would be like Christmas without Santa Clause or even worse, chocolate without peanut butter. The bright, loud display at the end of the day brings out the little kid in all of us, cheering for just one more encore, oohing and awing over our favorite ones (mine: weeping willows). But since we all love our patriotic fireworks without any necessary argument, I’m here to raise a different (but equally important) BANG discussion: the ones gracing my forehead for the past year and a half (see the big decision here). The decision to keep or get rid of my bangs is a constant back and forth between Justin and I, usually brought up when my windblown bangs ruin our pictures and I plead to try just one more or when they get so long my vision is hindered and Justin claims he misses seeing my whole face. We will be much obliged if you could please vote for your preference below and help us solve this marital feud once and for all! 🙂 Happy Friday everyone, hope you are all enjoying a long, work-less, patriotic weekend!

BangsorNoSo you tell me: keep the bangs OR get rid of them??



Yep.  That’s me in sixth grade.  Don’t sixth graders look so much older these days?  Anyways…Why am I sharing this lovely beauty moment from my not-so-long-ago past?  Well as of two weeks ago, these bangs along with a little modern update have became my new present hairstyle.  Why did I resort back?  Maybe I was being nostalgic?  Nope, that’s not it.  Maybe I finally got gutsy/crazy enough to break free from my beauty comfort zone?  Considering I was shaking in my knees, had knots in my stomach, and was sweating the whole time I’d say wrong again.  Maybe it was a quarter-century life crisis?  BINGO.


Please excuse my inability to take a legit picture of myself in the mirror, there will be additional bang pictures from our New York trip.  Although I’m still getting used to the fact of having hair on my forehead all day every day I am actually pretty pleased with the change.  What do you think?  Have you ever tried a new hairstyle? Kate over at thetwentysixthyear (may remember her from this post) took an even bigger risk last year going from blonde to brunette back to blonde.  Not many people can pull off both hair colors flawlessly but she definitely can.  Isn’t she gorgeous? Check out her post about hair trials and errors here.