Stop and Smell the Roses

Stop_Smell_RosesApparently it is Friday. The days of the week run together in one continuous blur when you are unemployed, Monday feels like Friday and Saturday feels like Monday and you never know what Wednesday will feel like. I have a million and one things on five different to-do lists (must get a new planner ASAP, recommendations?) and what feels like five minutes to do them all (plus, I ordered this, want to try this cleanse, attempt this DIY, and devour this recipe). I can’t imagine how all you responsible employees/bloggers/volunteers/siblings/parents feel maintaining what I am sure is an impressive balancing act. Through the semi-controlled chaos of this week, I have consciously reminded myself to take a deep breath and stop and smell the roses, to slow down on our long walks with our pups, and to enjoy the quality time with friends and family that we so missed over the past 7 months; the to-lists can wait another day. I hope you all take a moment (or ten) to kick back and enjoy the small moments with your families this weekend – especially those amazing women we get to call our mothers. Lastly, if you have a minute please jump over to with a C.H. to read and support this girl who needs everyone’s thoughts and prayers.
Have a great Mother’s Day weekend!


Beauty Tutorial: No-Chip Manicure AT HOME

I am super excited to have Chelsea from {little lessons in a BIG city} guest posting today on how to get a perfect no-chip manicure from the comfort of your couch.  Besides being my book club blogging buddy, Chelsea is also a fellow Iowan where she just moved back to, is the proud owner of her super cute Etsy shop, TwoCoins, and seems to always have life together all while having the perfect manicure.  I can’t wait to get home to try out SensatioNail’s no-chip at home gel manicure (buy here).  Thanks for guest posting Chelsea!

finished producthello {The Thread Affect} friends. I’m chelsea. & I blog over at {little lessons in a BIG city}. I am so excited to be here today. and to show you my newest beauty tool: {SensatioNail’s at home, gel manicure kit}. along with the simple, “anyone can do it” steps!

SONY DSCSONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSCSONY DSCit’s truly amazing. nothing beats going to the nail salon with friends & getting pampered. but this is without a doubt the next best option. [& more cost-effective than going to the salon every two weeks]. it definitely takes a tad longer, but the second you’re done can stuff your fingers in your purse. or do your hair. or whatever your heart desires. because you’re done. you don’t have to wait for them to dry! the no-chip manicures last longer, and if you just so happen to have an accident .. you have the tools at home to fix it! there are many, many DIY no-chip manicure kits available. I picked the SensatioNail kit, because of it’s price & the tools it came with. [I got mine at walgreens]. you won’t regret it.

thank you for letting me take over The Thread Affect today!

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[happy travels megan!!]


Two Thousand Twelve

Due to some faulty internet usage/availability and probably definitely some user error while we were traveling, this post apparently didn’t post on December 31st as it was supposed to, so here it is today, a week later!  Whoops!  Happy New Year’s everyone!

Reflecting back on the past year, I feel so grateful for all the amazing experiences and opportunities enjoyed in my personal life and through this blog.  I am so unbelievably thankful for each and every one of you who reads, comments, and supports this little hobby of mine.  Thank you for all your support and kind words, they truly have me doing emotional and physical cartwheels every time I read them, they mean the world to me.  Here’s to what I’m sure will be an amazing, unforgettable 2013!  Cheers! xo, Megan

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