Fourth of July Recap

FourthofJuly 567For the first time in five years, Justin and I were finally able to make it down to celebrate the Fourth of July with 18+ of my family members at my grandparents’ lake house in the Lake of the Ozarks. Although our childhood lake traditions of making up dock dances, playing BINGO with Grandma, and holding on to the tube for dear life have changed into more adult traditions of in-the-water beer pong tournaments, minnow shots at a local bar, LNBA games, and endless game nights, the most important tradition has stayed the same: spending time with family. Even though we had to leave a day earlier than planned (for this), we still had the best time lying around, swimming in the water, and being on lake time with the family for a great memorable five days. Here are just a few of our pictures from this past weekend at the lake. Hope everyone had a great Fourth of July weekend!

20130708-211142.jpgPups2 FourthofJuly 569 FourthofJuly-1 FourthofJuly-1-3 FourthofJuly 5634 JustinFourthofJuly 568Since Maddie and Oakley were sadly left at home, we wanted them to feel Patriotic too so they were lucky enough to sport this super awesome patriotic headband when we got home!

20130709-214820.jpgYes, we are those kind of dog parents. I wish our future children all the luck in the world.

Hope everyone else had a great Fourth of July! It’s Wednesday, is this week crawling by for anyone else?


Out with a BANG!?

BOOM! POW! SPARKLE! CRACKLE! POP! BANG! Fourth of July without fireworks would be like Christmas without Santa Clause or even worse, chocolate without peanut butter. The bright, loud display at the end of the day brings out the little kid in all of us, cheering for just one more encore, oohing and awing over our favorite ones (mine: weeping willows). But since we all love our patriotic fireworks without any necessary argument, I’m here to raise a different (but equally important) BANG discussion: the ones gracing my forehead for the past year and a half (see the big decision here). The decision to keep or get rid of my bangs is a constant back and forth between Justin and I, usually brought up when my windblown bangs ruin our pictures and I plead to try just one more or when they get so long my vision is hindered and Justin claims he misses seeing my whole face. We will be much obliged if you could please vote for your preference below and help us solve this marital feud once and for all! 🙂 Happy Friday everyone, hope you are all enjoying a long, work-less, patriotic weekend!

BangsorNoSo you tell me: keep the bangs OR get rid of them??

Thrifty Threads: Stars and Stripes

Whether you are hitting the beach or a backyard barbecue, 4th of July is all about celebrating with your friends and family in your red, white, and blue while being comfortable and stylish! Check out these super cute and patriotic pieces below that would make any American proud!

Navy and White Skater Dress, $25 | Quiksilver Denim Shorts, $50 | Vila Lavish White Top, $30 | J.Crew Swimsuit Top and Bottom, $46 each | Forever 21 Wayfarer, $5 | Steve Madden American Flag Beach Bag, $48 | LC Lauren Conrad Thong Sandals, $20 | H&M Bag, $10 | ModCloth Anchor Ring, $12 | Icon Aviators, $12 | Cunningham Camel Wedges, $60

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