Out with a BANG!?

BOOM! POW! SPARKLE! CRACKLE! POP! BANG! Fourth of July without fireworks would be like Christmas without Santa Clause or even worse, chocolate without peanut butter. The bright, loud display at the end of the day brings out the little kid in all of us, cheering for just one more encore, oohing and awing over our favorite ones (mine: weeping willows). But since we all love our patriotic fireworks without any necessary argument, I’m here to raise a different (but equally important) BANG discussion: the ones gracing my forehead for the past year and a half (see the big decision here). The decision to keep or get rid of my bangs is a constant back and forth between Justin and I, usually brought up when my windblown bangs ruin our pictures and I plead to try just one more or when they get so long my vision is hindered and Justin claims he misses seeing my whole face. We will be much obliged if you could please vote for your preference below and help us solve this marital feud once and for all! 🙂 Happy Friday everyone, hope you are all enjoying a long, work-less, patriotic weekend!

BangsorNoSo you tell me: keep the bangs OR get rid of them??


Hair To: Curl with a Flatiron

Packing space for Australia was so crucial even my curling iron didn’t make the cut (pausing for gasping).  Instead I settled for my trusty straightener/flatiron since I have bangs that would not be tamed by a curling iron.  However, about two weeks into our trip my hair became depressed and longed for my deserted hot tool (just a little dramatic).  What was a girl to do?  I’ll tell you what…learn how to curl hair with a flatiron!  That’s right, my once single purpose flatiron has become both a straightener and a curling iron with just a flip of the wrist!  See the end result here!

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Pinspiration: The Sock Bun

I am constantly looking for any excuse to go just one more day without washing my hair.  My hair styling routine mainly consists of clean, curly, styled hair on day one followed by a spritz of dry shampoo and possibly a low pony for day two and ending with a high ponytail resembling a rat’s nest for day three.  Seeing as my rat’s nest is generally not public approved for risk of huge embarrassment, I am excited to add this sock bun (also referred to as a doughnut bun) to my new repertoire in hopes of looking a little less disheveled come days two and three.

Gather your materials:  a sock, scissors, and a hair tie.  Cut the toe off of the sock.  I found that knee-high socks added too much bulk to my hair so I like using a normal tube sock close in color to my hair.

Beginning at the toe, completely roll your sock down until it resembles a doughnut hole.

Gather hair into a ponytail at your crown and secure with a hair-tie. 

Pull hair through the doughnut hole and position at the end of your ponytail.  Spread hair out away from the hole to cover the sock.  Tuck the ends of your hair into the bottom of the sock and begin rolling the sock towards the base of your ponytail.  The sock will roll with your hair to secure it into place.  I promise this is not even half as difficult as it seems.  The moment you start rolling the sock your hair will follow stride and be in a perfect doughnut/sock bun in no time!

Oh and this sick photography is all thanks to Miss Kate!  Thanks lover!