Pinspiration: DIY Hex Nut Bracelet

Watches have easily become my daily go-to wrist accessory but when I saw this DIY Braided Hex Nut Bracelet (here) from Honestly..WTF I thought it would be the perfect trendy, masculine/rough addition to my sometimes boring wrist candy.

Materials You Need:  3 Strands Butcher’s Twine cut into 1 yard pieces and 18 Hex Nuts, you may need more or less depending on your wrist size!

Gather the three strands of butcher twine and tie into a knot leaving about two inches of slack for tying the bracelet onto your wrist.  Braid normally for about an inch.  Before you cross the far left strand over to the middle, thread on a hex nut tightly to the top of the thread, and crossover.  Keep the hex nut tight by placing your thumb at the base.  Before crossing over the far right strand, thread on a hex nut, push it to the base of the braid, and crossover.  Thread another hex nut onto the far left strand and crossover.  Repeat these steps by threading a hex nut onto each outer strand before crossing it to the middle (thread, cross, thread, cross).  This definitely takes some patience and all your fingers working together, believe me it will look normal as you thread additional hex nuts!  Finish off the bracelet with another inch of braid, tie into a knot, trim to your liking, and layer it with all your bracelets and watches to create a fun eye-catching wrist party!



Fabulous Finds

“We adore chaos because we love to produce order.”
(M.C. Eshner)

Well, I hope this is true because it has been mad chaos trying to organize and beautify our new apartment into a functional, comfy-cozy living space for the past six weeks.  To do so we enlisted help from the trusty Hang and Level to precisely hang our pictures without putting unnecessary holes in the walls, from free bread clips to label our numerous electrical cords below the office desk for future unplugging use, from two under-the-sink drawers to control and hide our products that make-us-beautiful-presentable daily, from an inspiration (hopefully turned to reality soon) to organize and utilize my jewelry for decor by displaying necklaces on knobs inside a vintage wooden frame, and a creative use to store and create a keepsake from my mass collection of postcards and travel memorabilia.

Fabulous Finds

Every Friday, I will share my five favorite fabulous finds from the week (say that five times fast).  Why?  Five is my lucky number, always has been and always will be, and who isn’t interested in learning about new shopping potentials.  This week was all about the new and improved functionality – a new two bedroom, two bathroom apartment with so much additional space it makes me giddy, an adorable non-lighter-eye-sore way to have matches handy at all times reclaimed apothecary matchstick bottle, an updated, stylish way to hide second-day hair minus the ponytail, an organized, tangled-mess-free-way to transport jewelry, and reusable chalkboard garden labels found in Better Homes & Gardens as casual place settings for guests.


Blackberry Picture taken from BHG 09/11 Page 36What are your fabulous finds this week?  Anything you are dying to brag about?