Outfit // Swink Swag

SwinkSwag-4SwinkSwag-5 SwinkSwag-7 SwinkSwag-6 SwinkSwag-8 SwinkSwag-3GAP Dress (similar) | DKNY Tights | Zara Coat (similar here/here) | XXI Necklace (similar here) | Zara Shopper

A couple of weeks back I had the exciting opportunity to experience my first ever blow out at Swink Blow Dry and Style Bar and let’s just say I may be addicted. The same day I also happened to have an interview at work and the blow out from Lindsey at Swink eliminated the hassle of finding time to get ready while simultaneously attempting to prep for my interview. I simply sat back, reviewed my notes, and got pampered. Talk about stress free and convenient with a side of a confidence boost (a professional blowout gives you some serious swag).

If you are ever in the Seattle area, I highly recommend checking out Swink, Seattle’s first style bar that has been named a “Top 100 Salon in the US” by Elle Magazine and was featured in InStyle’s 2011 Beauty Book. Offering quick, affordable services from blowouts to makeup application to lash extensions to waxing Swink is your one stop beauty salon in Seattle.

A special thank you to Swink owners, Natalie and Jacquie, for inviting me to their salon and to Lindsey at the University Village location for an amazing blow out experience. Although the blow out was courtesy of Swink, all opinions expressed are my own.


Before and After Home Update with GE Lighting

Since moving into our studio apartment in Seattle, we have been very aware that this a temporary space. Unlike our apartment in Chicago where we quickly mass purchased furniture that fit specifically for the designated space and spent time hanging pictures and fixtures, we have been extremely conservative with the impact we make on this new apartment and subsequently our wallets by opting to lean instead of hang pictures and to make conscious not impulsive purchases (invest when necessary, frugal when temporary). This week we finally spruced up the desk/nightstand/dressing area with a few storage, lighting, and decor updates. Here is the highly embarrassing before picture:

APTUpdate-3We knew immediately that we would inevitably need to purchase a desk or table to hold the desktop computer and for a place to blog/photoshop/etc but weren’t ready to commit to something that might not fit or be necessary in our next place so of course we headed to IKEA for a solution. Although this is technically a sofa table (painted turquoise) we liked the narrowness and length and that it could easily double as a nightstand and in the future possibly as an entry or sofa table. However, the clutter of miscellaneous necessities covering it was too much to handle anymore (as you can see), the bar stool was uncomfortably tall to sit at for long hours, and the dog kennel and steamer were unnecessarily out for who knows why.

APTUpdate-5Simply storing the steamer and dog kennel, unpacking bags, and finally making those pesky returns as well as adding a basket for storage of extra blankets and computer accessories minimized the clutter immediately to the point of having room to store my new Frye boots safely and upright (we have limited closet space). New GE reveal halogen lighting and a larger mirror make the space seem brighter and bigger (not to mention it saves me from standing on the bathroom counter to see what my outfit truly looks like) and our new padded footstool/ottoman makes hours at the computer bearable. We still have a few updates to add (a picture frame for that picture, this art leaning behind those books, a vase for my new plant, jewelry dish, and this pretty book) but wanted to share our gradual apartment progress. What do we think? Any decorating ideas or tips?

APTUpdate-4APTUpdate-8must have chewy candy nearby at all times | favorite reminder | new madewell rings | lamp

APTUpdate-6storage | photography and food inspiration | boots

APTUpdate-7coasters on hand | the perfect long necklace

APTUpdate-9BeforeAfter3Before and After Lighting Makeover with GE Reveal 75W Halogen Bulbs.
I was amazed at how a simple change in a light bulb made the space brighter and more inviting, not to mention this new bulb keeps the room from appearing yellow allowing the true colors of the furniture and decor stand out. Get yours at your local Target and make a simple update to your space this weekend with just the turn of a bulb.

GEBulb**Although I received the bulbs free of charge from GE Lighting, the opinions stated above are completely my own**

Outfit // Silk Flowers + SEE Eyewear

JoieBlazer-3With our minimal encounter with snow this past weekend followed by a week of rain and bone-chilling wind to say I am ready for warmer weather is an understatement. Yes, I’ve sadly already lost my Midwestern ability to cope with the cold. Lately when I need a little glimmer of spring in my life, I reach for this silk Joie blazer since it is the perfect bright topper to an all black silhouette, not to mention extremely comfortable, and the pattern reminds me of beautiful fields filled with gorgeous summer flowers.

Last week I wore this outfit to the grand opening of the new SEE Eyewear store located in downtown Seattle. Justin and I had a blast trying on all the sunglasses and were blown away that every. single. pair. was priced at under $100. It was such a great night meeting the brains behind the company and getting to meet and chat with other local bloggers. Check out photos from the event below and more professional photos here. Take the survey below to help me pick a frame, they were all so good I couldn’t choose!

JoieBlazer-7Gap Black Denim | H&M Tank | Joie Silk Blazer (via Nordstrom Rack; top version here) | Sam & Libby Heels | Hobo Clutch | Maybelline Pleasure Me Red Lipstick

JoieBlazer-4 JoieBlazer-8 JoieBlazer-6 JoieBlazer-5When your husband tells you your head looks big, you make this face! 🙂

SEEEyewear-16 SEEEyewear-13 SEEEyewear-7 SEEEyewear-12 SEEEyewear-6 SEEEyewear-5 FourSunnies

SEEEyewear-14Thanks for inviting us Gossip & Glamour and SEE Eyewear! We had a fabulous time!

Outfit // Through the Fog

ThroughtheFog-5Morning fog constantly rolls off the water sweeping across the city of Seattle, covering it in a blanket of gray haze. Eventually though the fog slowly lifts revealing a clear day with a breathtaking view of the industrial city skyline surrounded by endless mountain ranges. It reminds me that even though my path at this moment is foggy and unclear there will be a time in the near future when the uncertainty lifts away and my endeavors will be certain and purposeful with a beautiful outcome.


ThroughtheFog-7GAP Black Denim | Madewell Top | Nordstrom Cashmere Scarf (now 40% off) | Zara Jacket (old, similar here/here) | Steve Madden Flats (old, similar) | Zara Shopper (last seen here) | Essie Wicked

ThroughtheFog-4 ThroughtheFog-8 ThroughtheFog-6**Seattle Image via**

Outfit // Wild Child

WildChild-4 Last Thursday, I attended my first ever event as an invited blogger to help celebrate the local martini bar, Tini Bigs, being opened every. single. day since 1996. Generally, I’m not a huge fan of martinis (too much alcohol, not enough fruity mixers), but with the award-winning bartenders at Tini Bigs just simply mention your favorite ingredients, flavors, and mood and they whip up a personal beverage that you won’t be able to put down. Trust me. Between the Wild Child martini, great conversation with other Seattle bloggers, and the delicious food I would consider my first blogger event a success.

As this was my first dinner blogger event, I had zero idea what was appropriate to wear. A dress seemed too fancy but jeans seemed too casual so I went with these crazy, animal printed, way-too-comfy-to-not-be-considered-pajamas pants. Since the pants are obviously loud, I toned down the rest of the outfit with basics, minimal jewelry and just a smidge of lip color. I was still overdressed (need to remember I am in Seattle, not Chicago) but at least I was comfortable and had an excuse to wear my new $12 Target heels with these printed pants that oddly enough ended up matching the vibe of my Wild Child martini. Hope everyone else had a fabulous weekend!

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WildChild-8WildChild-3  Sam & Libby Heels (only $12 in stores!) | Truth & Pride Blazer | Tank | CottonOn Animal Print Pants (old, similar here) | Michael Kors Watch | Clinique Lipstick in Vintage Wine