Zip It, Zip It Good

Hey everyone, Megan asked me to do a little guest post here at the Thread Affect and I couldn’t be more honored. I’m Lisha from One House One Couple, and my husband and I are documenting our house flip on our blog. You can swing by any time to take a look. You are always welcome at our “house”.

Today I wanted to give you a little sneak peak into my little life.

I ride my bike a lot, whether it be for fun, or to go to the store or whatever. Well, I realized I didn’t have anything to carry a key and some money in while I rode my bike, and I don’t like to lug my whole purse. Also, I was constantly worried my house key would fall out of my pocket while pedaling, and sometimes I wouldn’t even have a pocket to put it in! So I finally got around to making myself a little zipper pouch for that exact purpose.

I knew I wanted the inside and outside to be different fabrics. I actually went shopping at my friend’s “fabric store”. She buys fabric all the time and is always making stuff, so she has a ton of leftover fabric remnants from things she’s already made. I’m not super crafty, and this was the first time I ever made a zipper pouch (or anything with a zipper for that matter) so I didn’t know how it was going to turn out. So it was nice to just “borrow” some of her leftover fabric pieces instead of buying a whole piece, especially since this project is really small.

Here are the fabric selections I chose:

A fun vibrant orange pattern with hints of blues, and yellows, and then a plain bright green color for the other side.

First I decided about how big I wanted the pouch to be. I figured I would want to be able to fit my phone (which is smaller than an iPhone), some money, and a key inside it.

I cut 4 rectangles a half inch longer on each side than the size I wanted the finished product to be.

Then I sewed the pieces together, along with the zipper. (I forgot to take pics of the process, lame me). I ended up with the wrong color on the outside, lol! I wanted the colorful fabric on the outside, and the plain green on the outside, but I sewed the zipper the opposite way, so I ended up with it this way:

Take a look at the inside:

Overall, I was happy with what I ended up with. Not too shabby for not knowing how to deal with a zipper.

In the end, I decided to tie a piece of twine to the zipper and slide it around my wrist when I go for a bike ride. It works really well as a coin pouch too!

Let me know what you think about my first zipper pouch and leave a comment below 🙂

Thanks Megan for allowing me to do a guest post here at the Thread Affect!