Making A Statement

When getting ready for a night out, we girls always worry about the obvious:  Hair done.  Makeup flawless.  New dress.  Perfect jewelry.  Killer High Heels (both in looks and in “I might die if I wear these”).  But what about the easiest, cheapest accessory?  Your nails.  Nail polish costs a mere $3-$8, can be used in numerous combinations for years to come, and finishes off any outfit with ease.

I love a dark nail polish since it makes me feel edgy yet in-control, two things I definitely am not.  After seeing the statement nail trend everywhere, I decided to snazzify my usual ho-hum dark nail with a glittery ring finger statement by using Orly Plum Nior for the base coat and OPI Bring on the Bling for the glittery statement nail.

Apply the first coat of Orly Plum Nior in three simple strokes: middle of the nail, right-side, and left-side.

Allow the first coat to dry for two minutes then apply a second coat of Orly Plum Nior. Tip: keep the coats nice and thin, nails will dry quicker and be less likely to smudge.

Wait five minutes and apply the statement nail on your ring finger using OPI Bring on the Bling making the glitter as prominent as you like (I did two to three quick coats).

Apply a top coat to seal the glitter and presto-chang-o you have a statement nail!

Have you ever tried a statement nail?  If so, what colors have you tried? What are your thoughts on the new nail trend?


5 thoughts on “Making A Statement

  1. i work at a spa so i have tried almost every color. i change my nail color often. i wish i could have something that would say on more then 3 days. i love a good statement nail i just stay away from my middle finger nail


    • I have found that Sally Hansen’s Complete Salon Manicure usually stays on for at least 4 days. Plus, it has the base coat, strengthener, growth treatment, color, and top coat all in one application! Doesn’t get much better than that!


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