Chalk It Up

Chalkboards aren’t just for teachers educating little ones anymore but instead are being utilized for all aspects of life.  As seen below, people are using chalkboard paint for entire walls of rooms, for displaying recipes, inspiring words, calendars, and signs, for hosting purposes including seating arrangements, weddings, or writing names on glasses, for labeling plants or spices in gardens, for organization, and for kids to show off their artistic talents.   Chalkboard paint has become easily accessible whether you purchase it from Home Depot or whip up a batch of your own in your favorite color (recipe found here).  Have you ever used chalkboard paint to make your life a little more exciting or more manageable?  If so, how and where?  I’m looking for a new, easy DIY project that incorporates chalkboard paint since I’m incredibly jealous of Cece’s new chalkboard kitchen (see below) and would love suggestions!

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Seeing multiple images of chalkboards and chalkboard walls displayed in kitchens, my friend Cece was inspired to give it a try in her new Chicago apartment and graciously asked me to tag along.  After taping off all the doorways, lights, and outlets, we applied the first coat of Rust-oleum Specialty Chalkboard Latex Black Paint to her clean kitchen walls, allowed it to dry four hours, and repeated with a second coat.  My favorite part is that the doorways along the wall basically create two separate chalkboards: one large one for anything at all (notes, inspiring words, etc) and a smaller one perfect for grocery lists, recipes, or weekly menus.  Seriously, how cute?  Jealous? I know I am!

The Before:

The During:

The After:


16 thoughts on “Chalk It Up

  1. That third picture is my favorite! I definitely want a giant chalkboard wall in my dining room…once I get out of my little apartment that is. Planning another big move next year and then…chalk it up! 🙂


    • Oh we don’t really know yet. We have a year to figure that out. He has lived in Atlanta, GA, Albuquerque, NM and Tampa, FL. I’ve lived in Ripley, West Virginia and Port Charlotte, FL. Together we’ve both lived in Huntsville, AL and now back in FL. We’re thinking about either Phoenix, AZ or Atlanta, GA, or Orlando, FL for our next move. We are big sports fans so we look for sports and work and then just pick a place. I think our next move will be our last. We’re about ready to settle.


    • Definitely interested in a chalkboard headboard. That sounds absolutely amazing and so so creative. I will jar to google it and update the post! Thanks for sharing! 🙂


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