Outfit // Locally Grown

I’ll give you one guess on where I’m headed. Give up? Here’s a (big) clue…Iowa-4While you are reading this, I’m flying through the air, hopefully fast asleep, headed for Iowa for these previously mentioned festivities. I’m beyond excited. Since I’m flying home, I wanted to share with you my new favorite tee that my mom so graciously gifted both Justin and I the day we packed up and headed to Seattle as an ode to our hometown roots. These tees, available in both men’s and women’s fits, are ridiculously comfortable, look vintage, are made in the USA, started in Iowa, and let you boast some serious hometown pride. Read more about the amazing history, quality, and mission of Locally Grown here!
**I’m not being paid for this in any form, I truly love this brand and simply wanted to share it with you so please check it out!**

Iowa-2 Iowa-1 Iowa-3Locally Grown Iowa Tee | get your state here (available for both men and women)
GAP Denim | Silence & Noise Blazer | Steve Madden Flats (love these)


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